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Some useful links for ontology development

ONTOLOGY - Having relationship is a complicated thing
My ONTOLOGY 101 lecture at the University of Michigan DCMB seminar
The Application Ontology
Why application ontology is gaining traction in the database management domain
OBO Ontology
The Open Biomedical Ontology - what, why, how
SEARCH - query OBO ontologies with the EBI Ontology Lookup Service
ANNOTATE - mapping free text to ontology class with Zooma
CREATE - turning data in Google sheet to ontology classes


I have developed and continued maintaining these ontologies

The Experimental Factor Ontology - Developed and maintained at the EMBL-EBI. EFO is an application ontology that links domain ontologies together. It is the semantic backbone of CTTV, ENCODE, GWAS Catalog, ArrayExpress, Atlas, and many more.

The Cell Line Ontology - a multi-continent collaboration to build an integrative cell line information resource. CLO was born as a Cell Line Knowledgebase (CLKB) in 2005.

The Ontology of Adverse Events - orginally known as AEO. OAE captures drug-adverse event temporal association based on the bodily pathologial process of the drug response

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    Sirarat is the gem head in Sanskrit. The extra i and extra a are just there to confuse you. BSc Computer Science, Mahidol University International College. MS PhD Bioinformatics, University of Michigan. A Fulbright scholar. An ORISE fellow at FDA Office of Clinical Pharmacology. An ontologist at EMBL-EBI. ORCID: 0000-0002-2548-641X

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    Both of them were my sanity check at four in the morning during my thesis-writing period, whom I even thanked in my dissertation. Many thanks to Camp Kitty for their road tour to Ann Arbor Petco in June 2006. Some of the places to get you started on adopting a friend - Battersea, Woodgreen, ASPCA, and WARL. With all the thanks from my heart, Thank you.

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    "Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place" --- unknown

    Then Saskatoon to Bangkok to Ann Arbor to Silver Spring to Cambridge... "Where are you from?" gets trickier to answer as life goes on, but never once had I regretted any of it.

    "Life is not meant to be lived in one place..."


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For a complete list of publications, please see ResearchGate: Sirarat_Sarntivijai